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Fellow Urban Development Institute of Australia (FDIA)

Former President –
Southern Division – Property Council of New Zealand

Co author – Annual
Demographia International Housing Affordability Survey


+64 3 343 9944
Christchurch, New Zealand





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Readers will note there has been a significant revamp to this archival website on restoring housing affordability…

The major reasons are…first…the massive time that has elapsed since Wendell Cox and I teamed up late 2004, to get the Annual Demographia International Housing Affordability Surveys underway…and second…the huge political progress that is being made in my home country of New Zealand and now increasingly in Australia, as the latest IPSOS issues poll illustrates…reported recently by Matt Wade of the Sydney Morning Herald.

The new New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern with Housing Minister Phil Twyford section at the top of this revamped website, speaks for itself.

Following intense public discussion on these issues since early 2005, there is now a broad consensus in New Zealand to deal politically effectively with the issues.

Appropriately…public opinion is the driver.

Again appropriately…politicians in a properly functioning democracy are simply 'poll parrots…who are judged periodically by their masters, the public, on whether they meet the latter's expectations.

As the GONE GONE GOING (now GONE as well) section of this website illustrates, the last (supposedly) centre - right National (Conservative) led government failed to.

It was replaced October this year by a centre - left coalition Labour - led Government.

While revamping this website, I was rather astonished by the sheer volume of important / significant articles through 2017.

For a while I considered culling them…but on reflection decided to place them on the website…to illustrate to readers the sheer intensity and scope of the broad media engagement with these issues…particularly in the Antipodes (i.e. New Zealand and Australia).

Those placed on this website are just a sample of them…by no means all.

It has been truly amazing. Long may it continue…here and elsewhere.

An active, engaged and impartial broad media is of critical importance.

Let's hope we see the same intense media engagement emerge throughout other parts of the world experiencing dysfunctional housing markets.

After all . we are just restoring housing affordability…not inventing it !

Hugh Pavletich
New Zealand