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Fellow Urban Development Institute of Australia (FDIA)

Former President –
Southern Division – Property Council of New Zealand

Co author – Annual
Demographia International Housing Affordability Survey


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Christchurch, New Zealand




2017 Information

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2017 13th Annual Demographia International Housing Affordability Survey




New Zealand's housing consensus: Where is the political leadership ?



Ray Morgan


2017 Articles

Group 1

Most baby boomers want younger generation on the housing ladder ... Rachel Clayton of Fairfax (Aug 2017)
The NZ homeowners who hate high house prices are revealed in Labour polling ... Rob Stock of Fairfax NZ (March 2017)
Did the November 14 earthquake shake Wellingtonians' faith in city apartments? | Nikki MacDonald | Fairfax / Stuff.co.nz
NZ PM Jacinda Ardern pledges widespread NZ housing reform ... MacroBusiness Australia
Speech from the throne pledges that Auckland's urban limit will be removed and density controls will be freed up in this term of Government | interest.co.nz
Labour support on city limits (abolition) welcomed ... Nick Smith ... Beehive
Housing - New Zealand Labour Party
NZ Housing Minister Phil (Twyford sounding good ... (Tory) Kiwiblog
From boom to gloom: how rising house prices have become a worry ... Sydney Morning Herald

Group 2

Five Aussie cities named 'worst in the world' for affordable housing | The New Daily
Ardern: "We believe that housing is a right" ... MacroBusiness Australia
Phil Twyford suggests rates hike for property owners near rail, infrastructure projects | Newshub
KiwiBuild doubts raised: building boss blames (Auckland Council) consent delays - NZ Herald
The Great Inertia Sector: A whistleblower's account of council work where staff pull six-month sickies ... UK Daily Mail
Inquiry. The Great British Housing Disaster (Adam Curtis, 1984) - YouTube
New Zealand's New Leader Wants to Go Further Than Most to Curb Housing Prices - WSJ
Rise of the robot brickie: Automation could wipe out 600,000 construction jobs by 2040 . UK Telegraph
Labour's Phil 'Mr Fixit' Twyford fixated on Auckland's housing and transport woes ... Henry Cooke ... Fairfax / Stuff NZ Jacinda Ardern's new government sworn in | Stuff.co.nz
Matthew Hooton (and others) on 9 wasted years ... Whaleoil

Group 3

New Zealand's huge home loans are crazy ... Rob Stock ... Fairfax NZ
Kingmaker delivers NZ a new PM on housing and immigration - Macrobusiness Australia
The Story of Malcom McLean ... incorporating New York Times video
Malcom McLean and Containerisation | Maersk Line - YouTube
The Now-Ubiquitous Shipping Container Was an Idea Before Its Time | Innovation | Smithsonian
Ardern v English: Leaders' house price claims face credibility claims | Stuff.co.nz
NZ Government shamed for housing failures on morning TV - MacroBusiness
Waipa mayor: Affordable housing problem remains unless attitudes change | Stuff.co.nz
Housing through the decades, what is affordable? | Newshub

Group 4

'We are in the depths of a teaching crisis' - future generations at risk due to housing, debt and low pay | 1 NEWS NOW | TVNZ
Opinion: John Key's Govt has failed New Zealand on housing | Newshub
Two full-time jobs now needed to service a mortgage on a typical Sydney home ... Sydney Morning Herald
Watch: Labour rockets ahead of National in stunning Colmar Brunton Poll result | 1 NEWS NOW | TVNZ
Poverty, gap between rich & poor and housing affordability, housing shortage, and homelessness dominate discussion in lead-up to election, says Roy Morgan poll | interest.co.nz
Watch: 'New Zealand is such an optimistic nation' - Jacinda Ardern says election about getting 'basics' right ... TVNZ
Housing Affordability Fires Up New Zealand's Voters - Bloomberg
Aucklanders caught between high rent increases and low wage growth - high immigration likely to be a contributing factor | interest.co.nz
The rate at which new homes are being built relative to our population size is less than half what it was in 1974 | interest.co.nz

Group 5

"The housing gap in Auckland is bigger than is being talked about," says CoreLogic | interest.co.nz
Economic bounce in provinces as Kiwis flee cities for the good life | Catherine Harris | Stuff.co.nz
Auckland Council admits housing accord falls well short of housing target | Catherine Harris | Fairfax - Stuff.co.nz
Building minister weighs in on Auckland's housing accord | Catherine Harris | Stuff.co.nz
VIDEO: Bill English on affordable housing in Auckland | Radio New Zealand News
Despite huge housing shortfall, Auckland consents per capita only middling | Michael Daly | Stuff.co.nz
The winding road to housing affordability - Eric Crampton - NZ Initiative | The National Business Review
Only one Sydney suburb has a median house price below $500k - MacroBusiness
Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) ... Lateline - 19/07/2017: The suburbs where homeowners could feel first impact of potential housing downturn

Group 6

NZ Government too late the hero on housing supply -Leith van Onselen ... MacroBusiness Australia
Auckland housing plan far too late - Labour | Newshub
Housing shortage puts strain on Ireland's revival - POLITICO
A Government-commissioned report has found that land use regulations add about 56% to the cost of houses in Auckland; 'prices far outweigh costs in most major NZ cities' ... Interest Co NZ
Ireland at risk of creating new property bubble, warns OECD ... The Irish Independent
Prof Bill Black & others discuss the Irish financial system performancve ... Youtube
Pulte Homes ... Phoenix ... Arizona
Christchurch leads cooling house market trend ... Chris Hutching ... The Press
Unaffordable cities breed modern-day Luddites - Robert J Shiller - Opinion - Financial News
Housing affordability crisis bonds Sydney community across cultures and religions - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Group 7

Housing affordability 'in the eye of the beholder' - Minister | Radio New Zealand News
Auckland's housing shortage to become catastrophic - MacroBusines Australias
Home ownership rates continue to plunge, housing stress widespread: Census - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
The Great Manure Crisis of 1894 ... Kiwiblog The Great Horse-Manure Crisis of 1894 ... Stephen Davies ... Foundation for Economic Education
Happy birthday Bertha Benz - the woman at the wheel of the first ever road trip ... UK Telegraph
Levittown history in photos | Newsday
William Levitt - Wikipedia
Reforming land use regulations ... Edward Glaeser ... Brookings
The new wave of Pacific migration: Thousands leave Auckland housing crisis behind for life in the provinces | Stuff.co.nz
What home life looks like in a city with the world's least affordable housing (Hong Kong) - National | Globalnews.ca

Group 8

Battery farms in the sky: Starting in the Fifties, the people who thought they knew best built multi-storey monstrosities. With the same disdain they forced others to live in them, writes RICHARD PENDLEBURY ... UK Daily Mail
Higher prices squeezing both renters and would-be homeowners - The Washington Post
'Completely broken'? Widening inequality fuels discontent among Kiwis | Stuff.co.nz
Inquiry. The Great British Housing Disaster (Adam Curtis, 1984) - YouTube
The risk is greater than the GFC if we can't fix the housing crisis ... (former Australian Liberal leader) John Hewson ... The Age / SMH
Inequality & Housing: through the roof ... The Economist
Socialist Thomas Piketty's Theory on Income Equality Wrecked by 26-Year-Old MIT Grad Student ... Breitbart
PM English says govt would look at shaking up anything to get Auckland housing supply moving; Says getting WaterCare around the table on land servicing a good idea | interest.co.nz
Mental health and housing set to be two of the biggest touch points as politicians duel it out ahead of September's election | 1 NEWS NOW | TVNZ
The real ticking time bomb for the Tories is home ownership ... Allister Heath ... UK Telegraph

Group 9

Debt-to-income ratio would stop thousands from buying houses: RBNZ ... Susan Edmunds ... Fairfax NZ / Stuff
>English aware of housing crisis in 2010 - Salvation Army | Morning Report, 7:21 am on 8 June 2017 | RNZ
Capital sees biggest fall in available rental stock as national shortage worsens ... Stuff NZ
ABC The Business Does Bank Re-Rating ... Digital Finance Analytics
Future Fundie warns Aussie bubble as disastrous as Ireland, US - MacroBusiness
(NZ economist) Shamubeel Eaqub: The grim reality of NZ's housing unaffordability is hidden | Stuff.co.nz
Shamubeel Eaqub: 'Denials of a housing crisis are now simply lies' | Radio New Zealand News
Housing through the decades, what is affordable? | Newshub
Labour will fight the election on housing - 14-May-2017 - NZ Politics news

Group 10

Louise Roberts: Housing affordability in Australia may mean my children will never move out | DailyTelegraph
'Don't give me the mums and dads spiel': ScoMo grilled over housing affordability ... The New Daily
New Zealand housing market overvalued, could go bust, says Goldman Sachs - New Zealand Herald News
"Boomerang Kids": Adult Millennials Returning Home Is Crushing Baby Boomer Budgets ... Zerohedge
Australia's housing affordability crisis creating 'dependent generation' - study | Australia news | The Guardian
Housing affordability: 87% of Australians fear for future generations | Australia news | The Guardian
Sam Dastyari pops Sydney housing bubble - MacroBusiness Australia
The risk is greater than the GFC if we can't fix the housing crisis ... Melbourne The Age
Bill English less popular than John Key as preferred PM, new poll finds | Stuff.co.nz
Why Morrison's London housing affordability junket was a farce - MacroBusiness

Group 11

Housing now unaffordable in all council areas as priceses soar to 8 times earnings ... (UNITED KINGDOM ) Public Sector Executive
NZ Labour shows way on housing policy - Leith van Onselen - MacroBusiness Australia
Labour's targeted-bond housing infrastructure plan gets support from the New Zealand Initiative, critique from Infrastructure Minister Steven Joyce | interest.co.nz
Phil Twyford: Bonds could break Auckland's infrastructure logjam - Business - NZ Herald News
Labour's Phil Twyford is pushing out the boundaries of Labour's stance on housing infrastructure, eyeing a govt unit to access finance for developers | interest.co.nz
Editorial: Labour's bond proposal makes sense - Business - NZ Herald News
(Lead Production Builder) Mike Greer wants Municipal Utility Districts ... Brendon Harre ... Making New Zealand
Opinion: Planning rules the cause of housing crisis ... Twyford & Hartwich ... NZ Herald
Spillette: Whats not being said about MUDs ... Houston Chronicle

Group 12

Christchurch rents buck national trend with 6 per cent fall | The Press / Stuff.co.nz
The risk is greater than the GFC if we can't fix the housing crisis : John Hewson ... The Melbourne Age
Aylites ring hands over the rise of "populism" - MacroBusiness Australia
Inequality & Housing: Through the roof ... The Economist
Pikettys theory on income inequality wrecked by 28 year old MIT grad ... Breitbart
Housing revealed as most important issue in helping Kiwis decide on vote | 1 NEWS NOW | TVNZ
RMA reform - a lesson in how not to do it: Pattrick Smellie | Stuff.co.nz
Where are buyers winning price battle? | Susan Edmunds| Stuff.co.nz
How to make housing affordable? Political parties draw battlelines | Stuff.co.nz
NZ Treasury: Government lacking Auckland land supply plan ... MacroBusiness Australia

Group 13

Barfoot & Thompson says uncertainty over whether current prices provide value for money has seen sales volumes dive | interest.co.nz
Majority want Govt action on affordable housing - poll | 1 NEWS NOW | TVNZ
Opinion: John Key's Govt has failed New Zealand on housing | Newshub
Housing the dominant concern of Kiwi voters - MacroBusiness Australia
New Zealand's 'housing crisis' dominates domestic issues as New Zealand heads towards September election . Roy Morgan | interest.co.nz
Christchurch's terrace houses struggling to sell as housing market levels ... Liz McDonald ... The Press
Statistics New Zealand says the trend line for the number of new homes being consented has declined by 15% in the past five months | interest.co.nz
NZ Treasury: Government lacking Auckland land supply plan - MacroBusiness
Woman with $200,000 in savings can't buy Sydney home | Daily Mail Online

Group 14

Hugh Pavletich 'Bill English is wrong on housing and he knows it' ... Chris Lynch Newstalk ZB Christchurch
NZ needs 60,000 more homes, ANZ says | Business | Stuff.co.nz
Bank bosses see debt-to-income ratio between 5 and 7 as ideal in any new RBNZ macro-prudential tool | interest.co.nz
Amid increasing debate over whether Auckland can build enough houses, new Statistics New Zealand estimates suggest the city's population is growing even faster than was thought | interest.co.nz
Census data shows Houston leads in population growth across U.S. ... Click2Houston
NZ Labour throws down the gauntlet on housing - MacroBusiness
Deluge of affordability data forces Australian government's hand | The New Daily
How to make housing affordable? Political parties draw battlelines | Stuff.co.nz
PM John Key on Housing Reform 2007 - YouTube
< Housing Affordability Announcement - 29 October 2012 - YouTube

Group 15

Housing campaigner predicts spiralling house prices will be Key's 'Waterloo' | Mid -2016 | Stuff.co.nz
Pollster Roy Morgan says new Prime Minister Bill English must find a solution to New Zealand's growing 'Housing Crisis' - the largest problem facing New Zealanders in late 2016 | interest.co.nz
Sydney housing: New survey paints dire picture for Harbour City's middle-income earners - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
Hong Kong housing now so unaffordable, that "coffin homes" are the new trend | Property News
Buying a home in Miami-Dade is so expensive it could hurt the economy | Nicholas Nehamas | Miami Herald
Seven Centuries of (British) Real Estate Prices | Global Financial Data
'Denials of a housing crisis are now simply lies' . comment . Shamubeel Eaqub | Radio New Zealand News
Housing affordability crisis: social divide affects a generation ... Bernard Salt ... The Australian
Aussie housing affordability far worse than Demographia claims - MacroBusiness
NZ housing values surge past $NZ1 trillion - MacroBusiness

Group 16

New NZ PM facing immense pressure over housing - MacroBusiness Australia
Bill English's cute tactic of removing one of the country's perceived biggest problems from the list of ministerial names may come back to bite | interest.co.nz
'Severely unaffordable': Sydney's housing nightmare laid bare in new survey | Shanghai Daily
New Zealand housing most unaffordable in the world - The Economist | Newshub
Housing affordability in Auckland "absolutely ridiculous" - Hugh Pavletich - Audio Player - Audio - RadioLIVE
Christchurch bucks trend in Demographia housing affordability survey | The National Business Review
Housing in many NZ cities 'severely unaffordable' | Radio New Zealand News
The NZ homeowners who hate high house prices are revealed in Labour polling | Stuff.co.nz